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Annual Art Show

showcasing artistic abilities of adults 60+ in Indiana County


Artwork from Indiana County residents age 60+ are entered in to a locally adjuticated exhibition hosted at Aging Services, Inc.’s Event Hall each year.  The show’s reception is held with light refreshments. Amateurs & professionals are encouraged to enter.

Admission is Free – Donations are welcomed. For more information on rules and entry forms, please contact the main office.


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Indiana Art Association

Previous Winners

Paintings & Drawings

1st Place: “Cowned with Thorns” – by Lisa Buggey

2nd Place: “… Along the Road Less Traveled” – by Daria Varner

3rd Place: “Beets” – by Faye Kershishnik



1st Place: “Groovy Garden” – by Colleen Wakefield

2nd Place: “Botanical #3” – by Jan Miles

3rd Place: “Hold On” – by J.D. Varner



1st Place: “Maple Burrel” – by Ed Chochran

2nd Place: “The Spike” – by James ‘Hip” Payne

3rd Place: “Baby Bigfoot” – by Ed Chochran


1st Place: “Blue Mason” – by Daria Varner

2nd Place: “Heavenly Trumpets” – by Augusta Syty

3rd Place: “Beautiful Zinnias” – by Julieann Knox



1st Place: “Iris in Collen’s Garden” – by Colleen Wakefield

2nd Place: “Sun Snoozing Weddell Seal” – by Rebecca Sterley

3rd Place: “Grace Steeple with Flags” – by J.D. Varner



1st Place: “Angry Egg” – by Matthew Bartus

2nd Place: “Mail Pouch Barn” – by John Stahlman

3rd Place: “Appaloosa” – by John Stahlman


2D Art

1st Place: Dick Vitale

2nd Place: J.D. Varner

3rd Place: Daria Varner

Honorable Mention: Augusta Syty


3D Art

1st Place: John Stahlman

2nd Place: Pauline Cloutier

3rd Place: Ed Chochran

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Sterley


Fiber Art

1st Place: Nancy McClelland

2nd Place: Nancy McClelland

3rd Place: Louise McDivitt

Honorable Mention: Donna Rearick


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